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Human eye is one of the most vital parts in the body. With the help of our eyes we are able to do our daily activities very easily. The most common eye diseases are Cataract, Myopia (Short Sight), presbyopia (Long sight), glaucoma macular degeneration, dry eye syndrome and ptosis.
The Triphala lotion is generally prescribed in case of eye problems.

Triphala is a mixture of the two myroblans – belleric and chebula – and the Indian gooseberry. The choorna is soaked in water for half an hour to get the lotion. This lotion is used as an eye-wash three or four times in a day. Triphala lotion has potency to treat eye problems such as cataract and conjunctivitis. Washing the eyes regularly with Triphala also keeps them moist and healthy.


Dry eye Syndrome

Dry eyes are a common source of discomfort, and usually dry eyes are a chronic problem. Our eyes are always protected by a thin film of tears. This film of liquid keeps our vision clear and protects our eyes from irritations.

Causes for dry eye:

  1. Poor eye lid function
  2. Decrease tear production
  3. Lifestyle

Prevention of dry eye:

  1. Wear goggles to prevent excess irritation.
  2. Don’t forget to blink when you work in front of computer or while reading or while watching TV.
  3. Avoid rubbing your eyes.
  4. Avoid direct blowing of air into eyes through hair driers, fans or air conditioners.
  5. Avoid a dry climate
  6. Triphala is an herbal formula. It is made from dried fruit from the haritaki, amalaki and bibhitaki plants. It detoxifies and calms eye stress.
  7. Mix 1/2 tsp. of Triphala powder with1/2 cup of hot water and let it steep for 5 to 15 minutes. Strain it through a coffee filter, fill an eyecup with the liquid and bathe your eyes.
  • Ptosis
ptosis treatment

Ptosis is a disease which shows dropping down of the one or both eye lids. Ptosis is a common condition of eyes and both children and adults can get affected with this condition.

Symptoms are:

  1. Irritation inside and outside areas of the eye.
  2. Variation in vision.
  3. Feeling difficulty in blinking the eye.
  4. Feeling baggy eyes.
  5. Dropping eye lid.
  6. Keeping in mind the holistic approaches of Ayurveda, Ptosis can easily be cured .

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