What  is occupational health problems?

Workplace is the environment in which many people spend the longest portion of their time. Occupational health problems often arises due to use of hazardous technologies. Occupational health mainly refers to the identification and control of risks arising from physical, chemical, and other workplace hazards

occupational health hazards treatment

Unshielded machinery, dangerous tools, unsafe structures are some of the most prevalent Mechanical hazards. People exposed to work involving much lifting or repetitive manual tasks can have serious health problems like wrist sprain, back injuriesneck pain etc. Workers heavily exposed to heavy physical workloads include miners, storage worker, farmers, fishermen, construction workers, and healthcare personnel.

Even factors like vibration and noise can effect the health of a person. Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most prevalent occupational health hazards.

Modern occupational health hazards

The IT revolution has not only created more jobs, but also led to increased Musculo skeletal disorders . Slouching in a chair for hours can cause serious pain and aches, especially in the lower back. Over time, a bad posture can damage the spinal structure permanently, leading to severe chronic and lumbar pain.

ocuupational health hazards prevention

Monotonous work that requires constant concentration with irregular working hours can also have adverse psychological effects. This in-turn leads to insomnia, eye strain, neck pain, depression and stress. Sitting at a desk all day and extended periods at the computer can take a toll on your health. According to studies, risk of heart diseases are more among people who spend most of their day time sitting.

One of the most common problems among computer users is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This occurs,when continual physical stress causes the nerve in the wrist to compress. Occupation-related problems are likely to increase further unless a long term preventive approach is followed.

Ayurvedic treatments for occupational health hazards

Ayurveda offers treatments for various Occupational health related problems. Ayurveda offers eye strain treatments, tendon pain treatments, treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis treatments, lumbar pain treatments and treatments for back problems, knee injuries and pain in wrists.

There are many rejuvenation and relaxation therapies in Ayurveda for stress and repetitive stress injuries. Many people opt for Ayurveda to heal and cure injuries from sports.

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