Bronchial Asthma

Bronchial asthma (tomaka shvasa) is one of the most common types of Asthma. It is an allergic situation resulting from the reaction of the body to one or more allergens and is one of the most severe respiratory diseases.

Asthma causes difficulty in breathing, sense of tightness, constriction around the chest, whistling sound while breathing and difficulty in inspiration and expiration. The problem of Asthma comes on early morning. The patient suddenly wakes up due to difficulty in breathing. He may rush to open the window. Temporarily relief may be attained after few hours.

There are several Ayurvedic treatments available. Invasion of allergens into our daily life is the prime cause for it. Increasing industrialization and spreading urbanization are the provoking factors for it. It is often aggravated by non-specific factors such as cold air, tobacco smoke, dust and acrid fumes, respiratory viral infections and emotional stress.

bronchial asthma

Some of the main symptoms of bronchial asthma may be as follows:

  • A wheezing noise while breathing.
  • Difficulty in hearing.
  • There may be some discomfort ability around the chest.
  • Asthma leads to severe respiratory diseases.


Bronchial Asthma Treatment

Pippali powder is to be taken along with Sitopaladi churna. The combined effect of both these Ayurvedic medicines provides huge relief to the patient at the initial stages. This balmy effect finally sets the stage for cure of the disease. Since Pippali powder or Sitopaladi churna taken all alone can cause throat irritation, the powder should be mixed with honey.

Curd, buttermilk, bananas, guavas and fried foods are to be avoided. All sour substances should be banned. Smoking, both active and passive, should be strictly prohibited. Excessive physical exercise and exposure to cold and damp should he avoided.


Bronchial asthma in children

Asthma is the most common disease of childhood. In infants and small children, it affects the respiratory system because of small airways. Certain rapid factors may be the reason for further narrowing. This narrowing leads to a unique wheezing sound while breathing.

This will follow infection in the respiratory system. Immediate treatment is advised in such cases. Asthma in children and infants is a major health problem showing constant increase in occurrence both in developing and developed countries.

Ayurveda believes this to be strictly Kapha Dosha involved disease. Some of the greatest medicines Ayurveda has, includes Kantakari, Tulasi, Haridra, Pushkarmool and Agatsyarasayana. A child is to be examined by an Ayurvedic doctor before giving/taking medications as the dosage is to be adjusted for pediatric patients.

Chronic bronchitis

According to Ayurveda, the major cause of bronchitis is improper digestion and mental disturbances. When chronic bronchitis proceeds, breathing may become more difficult and you may feel tightness in your chest. Due to breathing difficulties less oxygen is inhaled into your body. This may cause your lips and body to turn blue and cause overall tiredness. In the advanced stages you will get chest pains and your feet and ankles may become swollen. Many tend to lose weight and have trouble sleeping. The damaged lungs may force the heart to work harder leading to its failure.

The main symptoms accompanying an upper respiratory tract infection may include:

  • sore throat
  • breathlessness
  • chest congestion
  • wheezing
  • soreness or burning sensation in the chest
  • frequent cold or flu
  • fullness of the sinus
  • slight fever

Diet to be followed during the treatment procedure:

  • Curd and sour substances should be strictly avoided if you want to cure bronchitis fast.
  • Quit smoking and consumption of liquor should be reduced to the minimum, rather should not be taken at all.
  • Keep away from vigorous physical activity and exercises.
  • Avoid exposure to cold and damp weather.
  • You should avoid all the cold beverages and water content substances.

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