Asanas Yoga – Yoga Exercises & Postures

The practice of Yoga asanas or exercises means practicing both your body and your mind. It takes willpower and perseverance to accomplish each Yoga Pose and to practice it daily. But the prize for your perseverance is really worth all the hard work. The practice of Yoga exercises or Yoga asanas can improve your health, increase your resistance, and develop your mental awareness. Doing the Yoga asanas, requires you to have to study each pose and execute it slowly as you control your body and your mind.

It requires proper training and guidance before practicing yoga alone. The goals of yoga are varied and range from improving health at the first step and advances to achieving moksha or oneness with god i.e. taking our soul to God.

The practice of yoga traditionally includes both meditation and exercise, but in the West the focus is mainly on exercise. One of the most recent trends in the practice and research about yoga exercises as alternative therapy is in its effect on positive Psychology Yoga Exercises. It contributes to the overall well-being and supports the optimal functioning of individuals. Further, yoga contributes to a better state of being. Yoga becomes more in line with positive psychology’s focus on developing alternate strategies for healing and bettering individuals’ lives. Positive psychology leads us to the concept of dualism and scientists in this field believe that the body and mind cannot be separated and this logic indicates exercise to body. It reflects on mind as well. All physical benefits resulting from the practice of yoga exercises are coupled with mental benefits such as development of inner consciousness, positive thinking, awareness, and appreciation of nature, combining to offer a whole-body therapy. Drawing from recent research on the mental and physical benefits of practicing yoga exercises, positive psychologists have begun to look deeper into the possibilities of utilizing yoga as a positive psychology therapy.

A general overview of Yoga poses

  • Warm up Postures– Some Warm-Up exercises that you can do prior to a Yoga class or session it depends on the Yoga Style that you practice.
  • Standing Postures– This includes Triangle Posture, Hands to Feet posture, Standing Side Stretch Posture, Stand Spread Leg Forward Fold posture, Warrior Posture, Tree Posture, and Sun Salutation.
  • Seated Postures– There are postures which can be done while sitting on yoga mats which includes Spread Leg Forward Fold posture, Hero Posture, Seated Forward Bend posture, and Child Posture.
  • Twist yoga Postures– Half-Spinal Twist postures and Sage Twist postures are the back strengthen exercises, they improves digestion and give abdominal exercises.
  • Supine Postures Yoga Poses which are done in supine (lying face up) position Leg Reclining Lunge posture, Locust Posture, Leg Pulls, Leg Raises, and Wind Relieving Posture.
  • Inverted Postures and Balancing Postures– Shoulder stand, Headstand, and Plough posture can help increase the blood circulation; it can stimulate the brain, enhance glandular system functioning, and relieve pressure on the abdominal organs.
  • Back Bends– Backbends are Yoga Postures which promote flexibility in the spine and strengthen the arms, legs, and abdomen These postures also help in avoiding back pains and related diseases.
  • Finishing Postures– The Savasana or Corpse Posture is a Yoga Posture which is usually practiced as final relaxation at the end of a Yoga Session for smoothening the mind and body and thereby increasing the energy level.
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