Ayurvedic Treatment for Obesity ( Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatment )

ayurvedic treatment for obesity

Obesity is the condition where the body fat and weight reaches a stage that significantly affects a persons health in addition to other parts of their life.Overweight persons are more prone to chronic diseases like, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. 

Classification of obesity

Body Mass Index (BMI) is considered as a measure to classify healthy body weights and obesity.

BMI is a ratio of your height to weight.   We are giving a general classification of Body Mass Index here.

Normally BMI ‘s less than 18 Kg/Mtr Sqr is considered as under weight.

BMI’s between the range 18 – 24 Kg/ Mtr sqr is considered normal

Values between 25 – 29 Kg.Mtr sqr are considered as over weight.

Anything greater than 31 Kg/Mtr sqr is considered as obese. 

Causes of obesity

Fat and excess weight is accumulated in body when a person consumes more calories through foods than he burns through exercise and other daily activities.

But eating too much food isn’t always the sole reason behind obesity.   There are many other factors that contribute to this condition.

Genetic Factors

In some cases obesity seems to run in the family. If parents are obese, their child have high probability of being obese.This may not be strictly due to genetic factors, this could be just due to the diets and lifestyle practised in the family.

 Psychological Factors

Some people tends to eat a lot when they are under constant stress, boredom or sadness. This will eventually lead to obesity, if the natural mental state of the person comes under any of the above. 

Eating disorders

Certain diseases and medical conditions like Hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, Depression, and certain neurological problems will cause constant hunger, which lead to over-eating. This will eventually end in obesity. 

Childhood obesity

It is a very depressing fact that childhood obesity has become very common in modern world.  Much of the credit for this goes to the lack of physical activity, exercise and a sedentary lifestyle of children.  There are above 10 million reported cases of childhood obesity in India.

ayurvedic cure for childhood obesity


Childhood obesity effects

The most alarming aspect of childhood obesity is that it leaves the child prone to many diseases that only adults suffered.  Apart from the physical threats, obese children are susceptible to conditions like sleep apnea, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety disorders and rage. 

Just like adults, kids also have to burn the calories they consume through food. So the weight loss treatments mainly focuses on indulging your child in physical activities, else they have a chance of developing health issues in adulthood. 

Childhood obesity can be treated effectively through proper nutrient intake, ayurvedic medicines and yoga.  

Management of childhood obesity

Here are few ayurvedic tips for weight loss which is also helpful in preventing childhood obesity.

Diet Regimen

Avoid oily and deep fried foods from the diet of children.  Limit sweets and cool drinks (soda) from the diet and include nutritious foods. 

Avoid Skipping meals

Breakfast is the important meal of the day and don’t let children skip breakfast. Take half glass of water before the breakfast. Drinking water in the morning is a best practise which will keeps us away from lot of health issues. 

Other liquids that helps to reduce childhood obesity are warm water, honey, sesame oil. 

Indulge in physical activities

Encourage children to indulge in outdoor activities.  In order to burn all the calories one consume a day we need at least 60 minutes of intense physical activity like playing, cycling, morning walks etc… The best method to prevent obesity in children is to create a habit of doing physical activities whenever possible. 

Limit screen time and sleep

Most kids are amazed with the technology available today and are addicted to play station, television and  mobile devices. This will create a unhealthy life style with limited physical activity and social indulgence. Limit the screen times for children to 1 – 2 hours a day. 

Proper sleep is essential for health. When a person sleeps more than what is required, it will create numbness and that will reflect in every activity when he/she is awake.  Day time sleeps will have a negative impact to child’s health. Teach them to sleep and wake up in right times. 

Ayurvedic treatment for Obesity

Obesity is called “Medoroga”  in ayureda.  Ayurvedic medicines are very effective in curing obesity naturally.  These medicines are useful when used with a strict diet and lifestyle changes. Although, dieting does not mean going hungry, it just means selective intake of food. 

Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Loss starts with purification and detoxification of body to bring back the tridosha balance to normal.  Then mild udwarthana (powder massage) is provided to reduce the fat content. 

The major weight loss medicines used for the treatment of obesity are Kapha and medohara drugs.  Ayurvedic weight loss treatments also includes internal administration of certain other kashayas (decoctions) and tablets.

Yoga for obesity

Yoga does not involve  heavy postures that a normal person fill find difficult to perform.Together with yoga, medication and diet we can fight off obesity without any side effects.Yoga treatments includes very gentle postures, breathing exercises and meditation techniques. 

 Yoga and meditation will also help us to improve the body posture and develop self confidence , which most obese people lack. Ayurvedic treatment for obesity also includes improving the mental aspects of patients along with their physical health. 

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