Stress is one of the greatest menaces in this 21st century affecting the majority of urban people, mainly the children and teenagers. Stress depicts a variety of symptoms, including nervousness, tiredness, aggressiveness, relationships problems, eating disorders, depression, inability to focus, stress headaches and insomnia.

occupational stress

Different types of stress are:

  • Emotional stress
  • Physical stress
  • Mental stress

Treatment for Mental Stress

Mental stress is mainly due to excessive use or misuse of the mind. To remove this problem, you need to take certain measures to pacify Prana Vata like:

  • Having warm milk and other light dairy products
  • Favoring Vata-balancing foods like sweet, sour and salty tastes
  • Undergoing a full-body warm oil self-massage everyday

Try to take as much rest as you can and avoid taking caffeine if you find it difficult to sleep. Ayurvedic treatments like meditation and aromatherapy are the best things you can do.

stress management


Treatment for Physical Stress

The reason of physical stress can be excessive use of the body like exercising too much or working for a long time. This can make a person experience mental gloominess, dullness of the mind, physical fatigue and finding hard in concentrating. For this the Ayurveda solution is to balance Vata and support Kapha, so that the body will become stable.

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