Scabies is one of the most common skin diseases and affects people of either sex at any age. It is infectious. Scabies is caused due to infestation by Sarcoptes Scabiei, an itch mite. Secondary infection may also occur due to a certain type of bacterial skin infection called impetigo. It generally develops due to scratching.

Scabies symptoms

  • Itching papules will appear
  • There will be itching which may be quite acute at times
  • There can also be eczema, pus formation, scratching, and inflammation
  • The skin areas below the collar line starts turning reddish

Neem oil is a very effective Ayurvedic solution for the treatment of scabies or purified sulphur(Note that it is purified sulphur, which is non-toxic) is useful in treating scabies. 0.2 gms of purified Sulphur can be provided to the patients two times a day mixed with honey on empty stomach. This treatment should be done under strict supervision of a qualified Ayurvedic doctor. It is observed that purified Sulphur is well tolerated by even infants. This will be prescribed based on the patient’s emotional, physical and mental conditions.

If constipation is found, laxatives can be given to clean bowl. Neem leaves are very helpful in treating scabies. Boil few leaves of neem and use that water to affected parts. Neem leaves can be taken internally also. But remember not to overtake as it has side effects if taken in excess. Tender neem leaves are used to prepare pill of pea nut size and given to the patient twice a day.