Monsoon and Tridoshas

Monsoon is the time when tridoshas  (Vatha, pitta & kapha) become imbalance and needs to be expelled out of the body. Due to this imbalance of tridoshas many diseases like fever, skin diseases,cold and cough, digestive problems, inflammatory conditions etc are seen to surf up.

A combined therapy schedule as per the individual constitution is recommended for complete physical and mental health. The therapy leaves the body replenished, nourished and fully rejuvenated.

Monsoon diseases

Monsoon has finally arrived, providing us the much needed relief from the hot summer sun. Yet, within a week of monsoon diseases started to appear. Fever, cough, cold, skin diseases, inflammatory issues and digestive problems seems to appear in bodies already weakened by monsoon. 

Karkidaka Chikitsa

Karkidaka chikitsa is an ayurvedic therapy for healing both the body and mind during this time of monsoon. This therapy in ayurveda removes toxins accumulated in our body and reinstate our natural balance of tridoshas.

Karkiadaka Chikitsa / Monsoon Therapy

The therapy procedures of Karkidaka Chikitsa involve flushing out the unwanted toxins and restoring the balance of the vata, pitha and kapha doshas in the body. This leaves the body completely nourished replenished and rejuvenated. A well at place dietary plan helps in increasing the immunity, strengthening the body to defend any disease.

With all the advancements and developments that the land has undergone today, many of the traditions have been swept under by time.

The different treatments in monsoons include SnehapanaAbhyangamNasyamPizhichilDharaVirechanam and Vasthi. Also, the diet for the treatment includes ‘Karkidaka kanji’ or porridge during monsoons.

karkidaka chikitsa treatment in ayurveda

Can you take karkidaka chikitsa at home?

Karkidaka chikitsa involves a holistic approach which ropes in various Ayurveda therapies. Most of these therapeutic procedures have to be carried out under the guidance of expert practitioners.

Karkidaka Kanji can be prepared from home, but for complete detoxification and to rejuvenate body and mind you need a combined therapy that involves medicinal in take, dieting, meditation,  yoga and massage therapies.

Amidst all the busy schedules and demands of life, it would be worth it to give your body and mind a few days to recuperate.  And what better time than the rainy cold days to get those much needed rest. A few days for Karkidaka Chikitsa would never set you back; instead it would be your launch pad for a fit life with greater efficiency and wellbeing!

 Centers offering karkidaka chikitsa package

karkidaka chikitsa  or Monsoon therapy package is available in most ayurvedic destinations.

Most of these therapies involves  3, 7 or 14 days of treatments. You have to stay in the facility undergoing proper dieting, meditation, massage therapies and yoga. All major ayurvedic destinations offer karkidaka chikitsa.

Proper counselling will be given by the experts to maintain the health and energy gained during this time. 

 Tridoshas (vata, pitta & kapha)

According to ayurveda, human body is made up of 5 universal elements earth , water, fire, air and space (ether). Tridoshas forms as life energy is mixed with these 5 elements. Every human body has a natural state of tridosha balance which determines the mental and physical state of a person. 

People with vata as the dominant dosha tends to be lean, light and with low bone density.  

If pitta is the dominant dosha, that person tends to be heavy, muscular,  have oily skin and penetrating eyes in general.

People with kapha as the predominant energy force will be having heavy bones, lustrous, supple skin, low metabolism and large stocky frames. 

During monsoon (karkidaka month),  doshas have aggravated in body and they have to be flushed out.  Various diseases and health conditions arise according to the doshas that accumulates in the body. 

Find out the dominant dosha in your body

Doshas that dominates in your body determines a lot of your physical and mental aspects.

Your built and natural mental state will be influenced by the dominating dosha in your body.

Let’s  get started,