Ayurvedic Approach To Treat Brain Stroke

Lack of oxygen due to blockage of blood flow or a fracture of an artery to the brain may result in the sudden death of brain cells and this condition is termed as a stroke. Stroke otherwise known as the Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) is certainly an emergency condition.
In Ayurveda, stroke is known as Pakshaghata. This is the result of vitiation of Vata dosha, which controls the motor and sensory activities in the body.

There are two major types of stroke-ischemic and hemorrhagic. In both cases, blood supply to the brain is disrupted, but in different ways. Weakness or paralysis of one side of the body and sudden loss of speech are known as common symptoms of stroke. This medical condition may generally result in Paralysis or problems in controlling movement, Sensory disturbances which include pain, constraints for using and understanding language, memory loss, emotional disruption and reasoning complications. With appropriate and immediate medical care, the death rate and level of disability resulting from strokes can be reduced.

 Reasons/ Causes :

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is the main risk factor while others are smoking, obesity, high level of cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, and atrial fibrillation.

To Avoid / prevent stroke and other illnesses Ayurveda treatments for HypertensionObesityDiabetes, Cholesterol, also available here.


Ayurveda offers best treatments for Stroke Rehabilitation Success of treatment lies in bringing back the motor and sensory functions of the brain. The internal medicines boost the blood supply while natural antioxidants increase the oxygenation of the brain, rejuvenates the brain cells and decrease the cell death. The external therapies and panchakarmas are beneficial for improving the functioning of the peripheral nervous system.

           Experts of ayurvedic treatment for stroke suggests that the therapies should aim at restoring the flow of vaata in the body and excrete the toxins summed up in the body. While giving treatment for stroke, paralysis stage of paralysis is important.

          Medication such as Dhanwantram Kashayam along with some mild treatments like Abhyanga / oleation (Application of medicated oil on the body), or Kaya Seka (pouring of warm medicated oil on the body) is beneficial for the recently occurred paralysis. Extensive treatment is required for a patient with a longer paralysis, generally for more than one year. This is because half of the body has been inactive for a long time and the muscles have already started to get used to being in idle stage (lacks the strength to function).  In these cases treatment requires longer periods and includes five stages.

ayurvedic-management of stroke in kerala

Physiotherapy known as  Sirodhara/Shirobasti in Ayurveda is also beneficial for improving the conditions of the patient through various exercises and therapies.

Some of the benefits of physiotherapies are strengthening of muscle tissue, re-establishing the neuromuscular function, recuperate the lost functioning of the body, improving the “quality of life” of the patient and restoring the ability so that the patient can very well perform his normal daily activities.

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