Ayurvedic treatment, mainly Rasayana Chikitsa (Rejuvenating treatment)-

  • General condition of most of the patients is improved with these medicines
  • Cures and prevent frequent opportunistic infections
  • Beneficial in treating associated diseases
  • Improves better quality of life

This treatment allowes most of the patients to follow their daily routine & professional activities.CD4 count of more than 65% patients is maintained or increased after Ayurvedic treatment. In these stages, the medicine enhances immunity, relieves symptoms, improves general condition & thus delays progression of the disease towards AIDS due to its Rasayana action.

Ayurvedic treatment is useful in stage III & IV, when patient cannot tolerate antiretroviral treatment due to severe side – effects or in drug intolerance. Ayurvedic treatment is also found to be effective to reduce the symptoms, especially Jwara (Fever); Lasika Granthi Vruddhi (Lymphadenopathy); Kasa (Cough); Shwasa (Breathlessness).Statistical analysis based on WHO grading of HIV / AIDS showed significant improvement in disease status with Ayurvedic treatment.

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