Cardiac Care in Ayurveda


Cardiac health focuses mainly on the proper functioning of heart whereas cardiovascular health focuses on both heart and blood vessels.The major cause of cardiac problem is improper diet and stressful lifestyle .


As the blood pressure increases ,fatty cholesterol particles gets deposited under the inner lining of the artery . Arterial walls thickens due to the the high blood  pressure which  hammers and roughens them.Greater the pressure more will be the deposits. These deposits gradually gets calcified due to fibrous growth and the arteries affected will lose their elasticity



Thus the flow of blood is disrupted which may gradually clog the arteries.The clot formed can suddenly choke off the blood supply and lead to Cardiac Arrest ( Coronary Heart Disease ) .




Ayurveda considers heart as the most important energy hub where all physical and energetic pathways of our intersect.It is the primary location of kapha, vata,pitta and ojas(essence of vitality and immunity )


Heart is deeply integrated with the subtle body and plays a  crucial role in number of strotamsi (internal bodily channels). According to ayurveda – mind,body and spirit are inseparable parts of an integrated whole. Hence any change in the above can affect the working of heart.


There are mainly 13 internal bodily channels present in our body. Heart is the root for three of these channels. Ancient ayurveda reveals that heart is connected to every cell and tissue of our body three different times through three different channels.


Three channels that are rooted in the heart are


1.Mano vaha srotas – the channel of the mind is responsible for feeling, thinking, discernment, communication and memory.

2.Prana vaha srotas – the respiratory channel is responsible for circulating the life-force energy(prana ). It is also connected to emotions, thinking and communication with the inner self.

3.Rasa vaha srotas – the channel of  lymph and plasma is responsible for providing refined nutrition and nourishment to every cell and tissue of our body.




Follow these steps to treat your heart block naturally without surgery : – 




Prana is the vital breath that animates each of us. Pranayama means working with prana through various techniques.Pranayama is found very effective for treatment of stress-related disorders.


It restores the vitality and fluidity of the subtle energy channels and releases tension. It also offers support to our nervous system.More specifically, pranayama calms and purifies our mind by activating many subtle channels routed in our heart.




Our ancient sages emphasized the need for calming the mind,conserving vital energy , controlling the senses and maintaining mental health .


Subtle therapies can positively affect our mind,nervous system and our overall conscious state.




According to Ayurveda, gold can heal and strengthen our heart. The healing properties of gold are harnessed by drinking water containing subtle energy of pure gold.


Preparation :- Place a pure gold item (preferably 24 karat ) in 2 cups of water and bring it to boil,simmer until the water reduces to 1 cup. Remove the gold and store the gold water(gold will not be damaged ).


Take 1 teaspoon of this water about 2-3 times each day.




Fenugreek seeds are effective for reducing cholesterol and excess fat. Soak  a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds overnight and munch them early morning on an empty stomach.


Jaharmorha and triphala guggul are also used for reducing cholesterol levels.




The practice of meditation or yoga helps to tap into the subtle channels of mind thereby clearing them, supporting flow of prana throughout the system.


It helps in proper digestion of food,balancing 3 doshas and helps in nourishing ojas.




Yoga is a balanced form of exercise and helps in increased circulation of blood. It moves prana in our body, dissipates tension and encourages fluidity.


It can lower blood pressure, boost muscle tone, and can improve our overall respiratory function and heart rate.


Yoga is also found beneficial to people who have faced heart attack or any heart-related event. Yoga can help them cope up with the emotional stress- ranging from anxiety to grief.

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