Treatment for Duodenal Ulcer

duodenal ulcer

Duodenal ulcer is the ulcer of the duodenum. The main indication of duodenal ulcer is chronic pain. It takes place mostly when a person feels hungry but vanishes when the person consumes some food. However, in most cases, the pain continues even if the person consumes food. As this ulcer affects the process of digestion, the person starts losing weight as there is lack of absorption of essential element from the food.

The person suffering from duodenal ulcer also experiences unbearable pain. In some cases, as the blood has to pass through the intestines, it also leads to bleeding. A person suffering from duodenal ulcer may find the presence of blood in the stools. However, this is mostly apparent in extreme cases and is quite rare.

Symptoms of Duodenal ulcer 

  • Losing weight followed by chronic pain. This happens because the body fails to absorb the food consumed. The digestive system fails to function to its optimum capacity.
  • The patient becomes too sensitive and irritable due to his/her weak constitution.
  • Sometimes, the ulcers start bleeding as well.
  • The stool may also appear black due to presence of blood in the process.
  • The patient may vomit during this condition.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • The patient should have sound sleep at nights
  • The patient must have sufficient rest
  • Never pressurize on tension, worry or mental strain and stress.
  • Never remain on an empty tummy for long.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Duodenal ulcer 

The most effective treatment for duodenal ulcer is the Sukumara Ghrita, which includes ghee and castor oil. It’s a must for the patients who suffer from this disease to consume ghee with milk. If the person is allergic to milk, then the intake of ghee can be by mixing it in warm water.

While taking these medications, the person needs to stay away food items like pulses and should not include food that leads to dryness and roughness in the body.

To reduce the pain, the person needs to consume the Shankha Bhasma which includes a mixture of conch shell ash which is obtained from seas and oceans, water and lemon juice and Aloe Vera.

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