Ayurveda, sprouted in the pristine land of India about 5000 years ago, is a holistic healing science. Ayu means life and Veda means knowledge or science. So literally ‘Ayurveda’ means the science of life. The history of Ayurveda can be traced back to the Vedic Ages and it instructs how to maintain health as well as fight illnesses through therapies such as herbal medicines, massages, diet control and exercise. In short, Ayurveda is five thousand years of wisdom distilled into a system of practice. Ayurveda is the oldest healthcare system in the world and it merges the profound thoughts of philosophy and medicine.Ayurveda gives a lot of importance in preventing body ailments in addition to curing them. This natural healing system tradition has been a part of the culture in India.

Ayurveda is much more than just the well being of the body. It deals not only with treatment of some diseases, but is a complete way of life. Ayurveda treatments aims at making a healthy, happy and peaceful society as it defines health as ‘Purity’ of the body, mind and soul. Ayurveda is the most natural way to refresh and rejuvinate yourself by eliminating the toxic imbalances from the body which helps to regain resistance and good health. It helps in relaxation ans stress relief as it offers various relaxation techniques and wellness programs. Ayurveda and Yoga are complementary and Yoga is considered as a major Ayurvedic therapy in Ayurveda tours.

Ayurveda has eight specialized branches as follows:

  • Kaya chikitsa or Internal medicine
  • Kaumar bhutya or Pediatrics
  • Vajikarana tantra or the Science of aphrodisiacs
  • Salya tantra or Surgery
  • Salakya tantra or Management of diseases of Eye & ENT
  • Rasayana tantra or Geriatrics
  • Bhutavidya or Psycho-therapy
  • Agada tantra or Toxicology

Travelling on account of health related factors comes under the purview of wellness tourism or healthcare tourism. Ayurveda has assumed significant preponderance in recent times with people from across the world travelling to India seeking Ayurvedic treatments in India. The wide National and International acceptance of Ayurvedic Therapies has widened up the scope of Ayurveda tourism. Stressed out population of the modern world is turning towards the natural healing system of Ayurveda for relief and comfort. Massaging with the help of essential oils is one of the effective procedures in Ayurveda to relieve an individual from anxiety,stress and tension. Besides stress management techniques, the entire concept of beauty in addition to a peaceful mind and fit body can be easily afforded in Ayurveda as it offers a wide range of beauty care and hair treatments as well.There are many Ayurvedic hospitals , ayurvedic institutes,wellness centers and yoga retreats dotted all over India who caters to various problems ranging from hair loss to the more serious ones like hypertension, diabetes and even cardiac problems. Various ayurveda treatment packages which includes Panchakarma treatments are included in this medical tour mainly for stress treatment and relief from anxiety.

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