According to Ayurveda human body is made up of 5 universal elements,earth , water, fire, air and space (ether).

We all contains these elements within us in different amounts.  Tridoshas are the formed when the  “Prana” , the  life energy, is mixed with these 5 elements. 

The unique balance of vata, pitta and kapha determines your mental and physical state. This 3 energies will also determine what we are naturally attracted to and repelled by. Which is why ayurveda suggest that the path to optimal health is different for every person.

Let’s learn more about each of these fundamental energies which governs our mental and physical attributes. 

Tri-dosha ayurveda treatment in kerala


Vata dosha is made up of the interaction of live force with air and space.  The quality of vata are dry, rough, cool, mobile and subtle. 

People with vata as the predominant energy force tends to be light with thin bones and dry skin and hair.  The predominance of vata will also reflect in ones personality traits. These people tends to be more talkative, enthusiastic, creative, flexible and energetic.

Vata will increase in our body as the conditions favoring vata increase. Vata is inherently cool – so cold weather and cool foods will increase the vata.  The qualities of vata also include dryness. So dry seasons, dry foods or even dry emotions will increase vata amount in the body.

How to maintain vata?

Ayurvedic therapies like sarvangadhara, takradhara, Sarvangadhara can reduce the vata dosha. 

Health conditions due to elevated vata

Huge elevations of vata in body can cause health conditions like Arthritis,  Cervical SpondylosisHypertensionDepression, mental stressPsoriasis



Pitta dosha arise due to the interaction of life energy with fire and water elements. 

The qualities of pitta are, oily, sharp, hot, light, spreading and liquid nature. 

People with pitta as the predominant energy force will be having oily skin,  penetrating eyes, moderate weights and muscular in nature. They tends to be highly focused, competitive, courageous and energetic.

As the conditions favouring pitta like hot food, hot weather, hot seasons etc… increases, the pitta dosha will stand out in your body. 

In addition to this , pungent, sour and salty foods will increase pitta. Where as swet, bitter and astringent foods will reduce the amount of pitta.

Health conditions due to elevated pitta dosha

Accumulation of pitta can cause skin disorders


Kapha dosha arise from the interaction of life force with water and earth elements. 

The qualities of kapha are unctuousness, cool, heavy, smooth, soft, dense, cloudy and viscous. 

People with kapha as the predominant energy force will be having heavy bones, lustrous, supple skin, low metabolism and large stocky frames. 

These people tends to handle stress very well, most of them will be conservative, and they don’t like changes.

Cold weather , or wet season tends to increase kapha. Heavy foods can also elevate the amount of kapha. Tastes like sweetness, sourness and saltiness  increases kapha.

Health conditions due to elevated kapha dosha

Elevation of kapha can imbalance the tridosha constituency and can cause health conditions like Eczema. Other skin diseases like Psoriasis which results in the hyper proliferation of the skin could also be caused due to elevated kapha in the system.

Tridosha imbalance can also led to infertility in males and females.

Ayurvedic treatments to keep tridosha balanced

Ayurveda prescribes numerous therapies and treatments to keep tridoshas in balance. Treatments like vasti which comes under the panchakarma therapy can remove all the bodily toxins to keep the tridoshas in balance.

Tridosha have high probability of getting vitiated during the time of monsoon / winter. Due to this vitiated and imbalanced doshas many diseases like fever, skin diseases,cold and cough, digestive problems, inflammatory conditions etc appears during this time.

Ayurveda prescribes Karkidaka chikitsa – Monsoon therapy during this time to expel the vitiated

doshas out of body. 

Tri-dosha | Biological equilibrium of human body

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