Female infertility is becoming an increasingly common issue these days. The number of women in the age range of 28 to 35 who visits Dr. Nimisha Kureekad for fertility-related problems has steadily increased over the past 5 years. Dr. Nimisha is the Medical Officer at the famed Sreeragam Ayurveda Hospital, in Ernakulam, Kerala.

Dr. Nimisha, an Ayurvedic doctor with more than 18 years of experience attributes this trend to lifestyle changes. Many children stay away from home for their studies. During these times they rely more upon fast food and other unhealthy options which are more easily available. It often leads to Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD). PCOD is a condition where multiple cysts are formed in the ovaries.

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) is the starting point for infertility. This leads to irregular menstruation, and excessive bleeding, and might even cause a complete stop of menstruation in some women. “PCOD that remains untreated for various reasons is often the cause of infertility”, says Dr. Nimisha. It is mainly due to hormonal imbalance that this condition arises.

In Ayurveda, first, the hormonal imbalance is corrected. “We always strive to resolve the underlying problems before treating infertility ” claims Dr. Nimisha. This is not something that most people realize. “Only people who are aware of Ayurveda realize its potential,” says Dr. Nimisha. 

Being a trained clinical psychologist, Dr. Nimisha places a lot of emphasis on the importance of counseling during infertility treatment. Women undergo a tremendous amount of mental trauma in these situations. They are blamed and shamed, and they feel guilty and stressed. “It is not only couples who need counseling in such cases but their parents also have to be sensitized,” says Dr. Nimisha. 
The mental wellness of the woman is of extreme importance in the process of infertility treatment. As a case in point, Dr. Nimisha discusses the case of Devika (name changed).

33-year-old Devika was unable to conceive. Her tests revealed that she did not have any major physical problems. She also underwent treatments for 2 weeks at Sreeragam Ayurveda Hospital. Her treatment included Uttara Vasthi, a procedure where medicines are administered via the vagina, which strengthens the uterus. Dr. Nimisha also conducted counseling sessions for Devika and her husband along with their parents.

After 5 months, Devika became pregnant. “My parents and in-laws were more understanding of my situation after the counseling sessions with Dr. Nimisha. This helped me to relax and take care of myself without any guilt” says Devika. 

Dr. Nimisha advises women to follow a healthy lifestyle to avoid infertility-related problems. “Eating fruits and vegetables high in vitamins like dates, carrots, amla, and leafy vegetables is encouraged. Protein-high foods like pulses are also good. Red meats, fast food, and foods that are spicy or oily should be avoided”, says Dr. Nimisha.

With proper treatment, a healthy diet, and counseling the chances of treating infertility in women are very good, believes Dr. Nimisha.

Female Infertility

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