Neck pain or stiff neck is a common health issue, there is nothing dangerous about it. 

Most neck pains gets better after a few days or weeks of rest. 

Most common reasons of neck pains are awkward sleeping position, prolonged use of computer or any other occupational health hazards bad postures and sometimes stress and anxiety can effect your neck muscles. 

How serious is a neck pain?

Most neck pains won’t last more than few days to a week. 

General advice for these pains are same,

 1. Ice packs

Apply ice packs to the area where the pain is felt. This will reduce the inflammation caused due to sores.

2. Heat pack

Apply towels drenched in hot water on your neck for about 4-5 minutes. This will reduce the muscle spasms.

3.  Sleep on low firm pillow

Using too much pillows or highly cushioned pillows will put your neck in unnatural positions. 

4.  Lavender oil

Lavender oil is one of the most common home remedies for neck pain, when combined with gentle massage. But do not continue with the massage if you finds it painful.

Exceptional cases

In some rare cases stiff neck or neck pain gives way to more serious problems, if not treated well.

Any strain or sprain to the muscle connecting the neck and shoulder , levator scapula, can take more serious treatments to heal. 

If you have fever, nausea and headache along with the neck pain, it can be a sign of meningitis. This happens when the protective covering of both brain and spine inflames due to bacterial infection. You should immediately get medical attention in this case.

Cervical spine disorders  like osteoarthritis can also cause neck pain.

If  you have persistent neck pain that had last more than 6 months,  it can be due to the  Disc prolapse and arthritis of the cervical spine. This conditions must be treated immediately.

Ayurvedic remedies to neck pain

Ayurveda offers natural pain relieving treatment procedure for neck pain. 

Ayurvedic massages combined with herbal medicines have proven to be the best treatment for neck pain.

Although most of the neck pain problems can be cured in the initial stage, with rejuvenation massages and kadivasthi massage using warm herbal oils there are complicated treatments for condition like disc prolapse and cervical spine arthritis.

Some of the most popular treatments in ayurveda for neck pain related issues are,

Whole body is fomented and made to sweat by applying heated pouches filled with medicinal powders.


Medicinal herbs cooked in oil are tied up to poultices and applied over the neck area.


Warm medicinal oil poured over the cervical region and retained using a bed of black gram paste or dough ring for about 25 to 30 min.


Ayurvedic massage using medicinal oils


Instillation of medicinal fluids through nasal cavity. 

What treatment will suit your condition?

The treatment that suits best to your condition is found out after an interrogative session with the experts. The treatment will differ according to the nature and cause of your condition.

Understanding the root cause of the pain will help you solve half the problem. 

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Ayurveda – natural relief from neck pain

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