An Omani national is slowly getting back his body functions after committing to Ayurveda treatment for a spinal cord injury he had from a fall.

Aziz (name changed), the 33 year old, had been through a surgery to fix his injury. Soon after, he went limp in the legs, and lost control over his bowel functions.

However, after spending 45 days in treatment at the Sreeragam Health Care Centre in Kochi, Kerala, he is no longer incontinent. He has also taken his first few steps without any assistance. “It is giant leap for someone who until recently was immobile,” says Dr Kiran B., the lead doctor there.

Spinal injuries can be critical. Those received from falls and motor accidents can even be life-threatening. Surgeries are often necessary to pull the patient back from the edge, so to speak. However, spinal surgeries are also fraught with risks. Paralysis, of the kind Aziz suffered, can sometimes be an outcome.

Whereas surgeries may be necessary as an emergency measure, Ayurveda can offer some good after-surgery remedies. In some cases, Ayurveda can also offer an alternative to surgery.  

“At Sreeragam, we have treated many patients with spinal cord damage or with related issues. Most of them have returned to near normal condition,” says Dr Kiran.

Ayurveda can bring back people crippled by spine injuries

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