What is AIDS ?


Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome -also known as AIDS is a disease caused by virus called Human Immunodeficiency Virus – HIV.This virus mainly attacks our immune system and hence the people affected are vulnerable to infections and diseases.




In Ayurveda ,immunity is referred as “ojas” –  which is the vital sap of human body” . AIDS is a disease of low ojas, i.e low immunity . Ayurvedic treatment for AIDS is mainly focused on regaining the lost ojas  thereby improving the overall energy level of the patient.


Ayurveda uses personalised routines of nutrition,meditation and spiritualism to strengthen the immune system .Ayurvedic treatment helps to deal with the side effects of antiviral medications


The first and foremost step to stem the disease is to ensure healthy atmosphere for the patient – emotional and mental support from family and friends




Before commencement of  the treatment, patients are classified into 3 groups based on their body types- which is based on the proportion of “3 doshas” . They are :-


1. vata (energy of movement) – It is the energy that controls motion related bodily function such as circulation of blood, blinking, heartbeat, breathing etc.


2. pitta (energy of digestion and metabolism)- It is the energy that controls metabolic activites of our body such as nutrition,digestion,absorption and body temperature.


3. kapha(the energy of lubrication) – It is the energy that controls growth in our body . It maintains the immune system,supplies water to different parts of the body and moisturizers  the skin.


Each patient goes through a procedure of questioning .The practitioner check his/her pulse,tongue,voice and will design a program of diet,spiritual practices and exercises according to his/her needs.


AIDS is mainly caused due to kapha dosha which  along with other doshas tend to block the path of rasadi dhatusresulting in deterioration of saptha dhathu



There are many effective treatments in Ayurveda to fight AIDS.


1. To remove blockages in the flow of rasadi dhatus-i.e  srothorodha ,a little alcohol is used as anupana(carrier) to aid  digestion process.


2. Rasayana is the branch of Ayurveda which uses various herbs, minerals and various ayurvedic techniques to increase immunity and vitality. Initially strength of patient is improved by giving rasayanas(rejuvenators) and tonics to stimulate his/her appetite.


3. Next is the Shodhana technique(elimination ). In this technique ghee based medications are administered to expel toxins from patient’s body. Blood is purified with appropriate medications.

  Regular exercising is found very effective as heated blood can weaken and even destroy the virus. Swedanam (steaming) is recommended for those unable to exercise or run due to weakness.


4. Several herbo mineral compounds prescribed by sages like Sarangadhara, Chanakya and Agasthya for the treatment of kshaya have been found very effective for improving condition of AIDS patient .

Ayurvedic medicines like Chyavanprash and Rakthavardhak are found very effective for building immunity.




5. Shatavari used as Shatavari Kalpa, Kalmegh and Guduchi are other drugs that are found effective for treating AIDS


Ayurvedic medications have no side effects and are proven to improve the patient’s condition with no deterioration.


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