Stroke Rehabilitation

Sudden loss of function in a portion of the brain this condition is known as stroke. Stroke affected person may lose the feeling and moving ability from some areas or they have difficulty to move the arm or leg this is known as paralysis. There is a chance to lose the speech and vision ability for stroke affected person. Stroke is caused by sudden reduction of the blood supply to any portion of the brain. The decreased blood supply may be caused by damaged blood vessels.

Warning Signals

  • Sudden weakness on face, arm or leg
  • Sudden lose of vision particularly in one eye.
  • Difficulty in speaking or understanding speech.
  • Head ache

Paralytic affliction is termed as Pakshaaghaata. We can treat stroke affected brain partially or fully with in few hours or days. To treat the stroke we use the Ati-vaata drugs like vaata chintaamani etc. Snehanam, Snehapana, Swedanam are some other types of therapy to have strengthen muscle and tissue These therapies dismiss toxins from different channels and helps to get strong body and increase blood supply.

Panchakarma therapies are applied according to the condition of the patient it is an ayurvedic cleansing therapy that removes all vata, pitta, kapha associated toxins.

snehan and swedan are the main methods used in poorvakarma. It is done to get complete benefits of panchakarma.