Prenatal Care in Kerala

Motherhood is great. The most blessed moment of a women is when she gets to know that she is about to be a Mother. Health after delivery is also important. During pregnancy women take care herself and and her baby. Healthy food is an another important thing during pregnancy. A Women have many changes both physically and mentally during pregnancy, so she needs a lot of vitamins to get a healthy baby.


Now today women are not want normal delivery, but till they know the importance of prenatal care. Prenatal care helps to solve all the health problems and helps to regain the physical strength after delivery. Prenatal medicines are prescribed based on the physical state of pregnant women. Baby will get protein by breast feeding.

Ayurveda suggest peanut porridge with panchakolachoornam for women after delivery and also suggests kurunjikuzhambu, herbal medicines and ayurvedic oil massage is recommended for women. The massages and other therapies will helps to balance thri-dhoshas such as vata, pitta and kapha. That makes more happiness, even in the body itself, and more balance in the entire nervous system. Non vegetarian foods are not allowed before twelve days. Careless Treatments may lead to serious health issues. Mother and baby need a peaceful, unstimulating, protected environment during the first few weeks after the birth of the baby