Bone Degeneration and Loss

To prevent bone degeneration, Ayurveda guides a person to keep their Doshas in balance with an appropriate diet and a vata-pacifying regime. Herbs to facilitate mineral circulation and deposition into the bones are recommended such as ginger, long pepper and cinnamon, provided they are suitable for the body-type. Phytoestogenic herbs like red clover, alfalfa, parsley, sage, aniseed, fennel, sarasparilla, licorice, false unicorn root, ladies slipper, wild yam, peony, black cohosh and passionflower are used to help postmenopausal women to retain minerals. Ayurveda which is based upon the concept of Vaat, Pitta and Kapha humors of the human body, is a holistic therapy. Asthi means bone and kshya is loss. The symptoms are pain in bones, weak nails and teeth, dryness in body, excessive fall of hair, chronic fatigue without any labour and loose joints.

Do not take up exercises in cases of severe inflammation, without consulting your doctor. In acute cases, rest usually heals. The moment inflammation subsides, you will need to start exercising. Too much rest can also make joints immobile and stiff. Consult your doctor to learn about the mode and the type of exercises for it to get cured.