About us

Jeevaniyam Charitable Trust and Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre is dedicated to enrich the life by propagating ayurvedic treatment methods and healthy life style. Besides providing ayurvedic treatment to conditions which requires drastic measures like surgery in allopathy, we also provides a verity of destination tour packages for you to relax and rejuvenate as well.

What makes us special?

We have a professional sagacious team to deal with medicine, technology, research and spiritual guidance of our patients.

Our services in the field of ayurveda is not just limited to treatment and cure. We have a team of dedicated doctors researching on implementing the benefits of ayurveda in various other walks of life.
Some of our exceptional services in the field of ayurveda are as follows,


Jeevaniyam Centre for Learning Disorders
We have a dedicated wing to deal the learning disorders in children. Our center for learning disorder is dedicated to bring the best out of the kids with learning disorders with the help of ayurveda.
Jeevaniyam Clinical Yoga & Research Centre

We merge scientific methods with yoga therapy to cure chronic ailments and psychological problems.


Jeevaniyam School of Ayurveda & Vocational Training
This is our training program dedicated  to create well-trained, professional practitioners for the hospitality and health care sectors.


Jeevaniyam Health Care Services
Ayurveda recommends prevention of ailments by applying healthy lifestyle and health care therapies. We provide various therapeutic treatments for a healthy life.


Jeevaniyam Health Awareness & Training Programs
We conduct training programs, medical camps and seminars at various levels to provide awareness about healthy life style.


Our packages

We have a highly special plan to train parents with yoga techniques for their kids realizing that parents are the best ever guides for their children and home being the best school.
Besides finding cure for your condition with the our knowledge in ayurveda, We provide therapeutic packages that helps to eliminate diseases from its roots.
Not all our clients are patients suffering from a condition, Jeevaniyam is a perfect place for total rejuvenation, as our methods rooted in ayurveda helps you to restore health and youth.
Our packages include,


Ayurveda Packages
Aging is something that we cannot prevent, but ayurveda prescribes treatments to delay the results of aging process. We provide rejuventaing therapies for restoring the metabolism, immunity, memory and intelligence.


Therapeutic Packages
Our therapeutic packages are recommended to  eliminate the disease from it’s root.


Yoga Packages
We merge the modern science and ancient yoga to treat chronic ailments and psychological problems. Our highly trained yoga practitioners will guide you through simple, yet very effective, exercises. Apart from the yoga we provide diet and massage programs to eradicate chronic ailments forever.


Destination Tour Packages
Our cervices are not just limited to our ayurvedic center locations. We have joined hands with prestigious hospitality groups like Taj Gateway, Varkala, Deshadan Cliff & Beach Resort, Kovalam Estuary Island Beach Resort, The Tall Trees Resort, Munnar Misty Mountain Resort, Munnar Trident, Lotus8 A’part Hotel.